We are blessed with many smachot in our families and our communities and many of us choose to (or have to) bring our young children to celebrate with us at very noisy occasions. Did you know that exposure to noise above 85 decibels (normal conversation is approx 60 decibels) can cause permanent hearing loss?


Parents should be aware that various medical studies have found sound levels at rock concerts often to be significantly higher than 85 dBA, with some reports suggesting that sound intensity may reach 90 dBA to as high as 122 dBA.To experience 85 dBA, listen to an electric shaver or a busy urban street. If levels are maintained at values greater than 85 dBA for long periods of time, this may lead to a significant noise exposure and permanent noise-induced hearing loss.


Musical Ears is a new gemach in our community that lends infant and toddler noise protective headphones for your next noisy occasion. We stock soft protective earmuffs that protect infants up to 18 months and hard shell headphones appropriate for toddlers and small children. 


Please contact us at reservations@musicalears.org to reserve earmuffs or headphones for your child(ren) and specify preferred style. We suggest that you reserve at least two weeks in advance to ensure availability. A donation of $5 is appreciated but not required and will be used to replace and increase inventory with the remainder donated to Chai Lifeline.